Private Barrels

“Selections made by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts”

We often partner with distillers to select entire barrels of a wide variety of spirits to offer our customers. The distillers either invite us to their facilities or send samples for us to make our selections. When we find a barrel that speaks to us the distilleries bottle it and ship all of it to us along with the barrel it was aged in. The end result is a totally unique expression of these spirits that you will not find anywhere else.

Four Roses

Single Barrel Bourbon
Kentucky, U.S.A.
750 mL

123.4 Proof
Aged 9yrs. 10 months
Recipe: OBSQ
Warehouse: JE Barrel# 15-45

Retail: $69.99

Knappogue Castle

Single Malt Irish Whiskey
750 mL

92 Proof
Aged 12 yrs.
(Knappogue’s regular 12yr offering is 86 proof)

Retail: $45.99

Old Forester

Single Barrel Bourbon
Kentucky, U.S.A.
750 mL

90 proof
(Old Forester no longer bottles single barrels at 90 proof)
Aged 4 yrs 6 months
Warehouse H 6th floor
Retail: $47.99

Russells Reserve

Single Barrel Bourbon
Kentucky, U.S.A.
750 mL

110 proof non-chill filtered
Aged 9yrs
Warehouse E 4th floor

Retail: $54.99

Knob Creek

Single Barrel Rye
Kentucky, U.S.A.
750 mL

115 proof
Aged 5 yrs. 5 months
Warehouse 1 4th floor

Retail: $49.99

Coming Soon

  • Knob Creek Bourbon Single Barrel 15yr
  • 1792 Bottled in Bond
  • Buffalo Trace #6
  • Eagle Rare #4
  • Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

Retired Barrels

  • Jack Daniels Single Barrel
  • Four Roses Single Barrel 100 proof OBSQ
  • Russell’s Reserve #1
  • Buffalo Trace #1
  • Elijah Craig #1
  • Eagle Rare #1
  • Buffalo Trace #2
  • Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV Cask Strength 111.2
  • Eagle Rare #2
  • Weller Antique
  • Buffalo Trace #3
  • Herradura Double Barrel Reposado
  • Eagle Rare #3
  • Buffalo Trace #4
  • Buffalo Trace #5